Refugees, migrants or neighbours?

I am attending the INFEMIT conference on "The Migrant Crisis" at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS). There are some great speakers and massive themes. We have had Old Testament scholars as well as people working on the ground: there is an OT theologian from Greece and a worker on the ground from Lebenon. There are a couple of things that have struck me.

Firstly, both the speakers from Greece and Lebenon, both shared how the church has been revived by engagement with the people arriving in their countries. They said that there was fear at the beginning but the churches, when they started to help, house, and share their lives with the people then they found their true meaning.

The second thing that really struck me has been the dehumanising nature of the system that the people are coming to. They immediately get labeled "migrant" or "refugee" when they used to be human beings. The speaker from Lebenon said that people change their identity in the process of moving.

Too many organisations have programmes to care for people but not enough who incorperate people into their communities. This is what the local church can truly be. Can we see people arriving on European shores or UK shores as neighbours rather than migrants or refugees?