What is the Church?

Yesterday, the MA group were treating the issue of "ecclesiology": the doctrine of the church. We noted that the church is sometimes seen as a hospital, a family and even a country club! In one sense it can act in these ways for good or ill, but it is not any of these things in itself. Theologically we could say it is the main instrument in the hands of the Holy Spirit to witness to, embody and work towards the establishment of the kingdom of God.  That would be more accurate but a bit theoretical.

Yes it is there to heal broken lives but that's not its main role, yes it is there to "contain" people like a family [contener is wonderful Spanish word meaning to contain as in a jar but also people within communities] and it is also a place for people to meet but it has a role beyond itself: God's just rule upon this earth.

In all it is and does the church [local and universal] should be to see God's rule announced; given a concrete form and worked towards. The church is God's revolutionary group.