The Humanity of God

I taught a class yesterday on the En Route programme at All Nations and we were reflecting on the incredible nature of God who we know in Jesus Christ. When we read about him in the Gospels, we cannot help but be bowled over by the incredible person we are confronted by.

This is not simply an incredible man like Martin Luther King, or Gandhi, Christ is the humanity of God. Not simply God in a body, but God as human. This is the miracle of the incarnation. In Jesus Christ we see God as He is: born into as a tiny baby, in a country oppressed by a foreign power, pursued by a despot, working with his hands to make a living, associating himself with the poor, lame, immoral, and needy, walking dusty roads, being treated unjustly, being abandoned, and ultimately tried in a kangaroo court and executed as an innocent man.

That's God for you!