Being a world Christian

Bored with a BBC article and discussion on the dangers of obesity, I did what I always do and switch over to Al Jazeera. I was immediately stunned by the news that the Syrian opposition groups are in talks to unite against Assad; that there were talk in the demilitarised zone in Korea between North and South Korea and that Zanu PF have their conference and there is speculation about Mugabe's successor.

This got me thinking about my responsibilities as a Christian. Firstly to pray for the world in its difficulties and problems. Secondly, to be informed of world events. Thirdly to prompt others to be interested.

The problem of the parochial is that we think the world revolves around us. We don't actually consciously think this but we act as if it were so. The BBC tends only to give the news as it affects the UK. So the growth of IS is reported as it affects the UK. If we are to develop a mind in tune with God, I think we must move beyond this introspective way of thinking.

So being a Christian is being a world Christian.