Evangelism According to David Bosch

Tranforming MissionIn his magisterial book, Transforming Mission, David Bosch makes 18 thesis on the subject of evangelism. I thought I'd share them with you.

  1. Mission is more than evangelism.
  2. Therefore, evangelism should not be equated with mission.
  3. Evangelism is an essential element of all the church does.
  4. Evangelism testifies to what God has done, is doing and will do.
  5. Evangelism seeks for a response.
  6. Evangelism is always an invitation.
  7. The evangelist is witness not judge.
  8. Evangelism is an indispensable ministry.
  9. Evangelism is only possible when the evangelising community is a radiant manifestation of the Christian Faith and exhibits an attractive lifestyle.
  10. Evangelism offers present and future salvation.
  11. Evangelism is not proselytism.
  12. Evangelism is not the same as church extension.
  13. Evangelism and church extension are related.
  14. Evangelism can only be directed at people.
  15. Authentic evangelism is always contextual.
  16. Therefore, evangelism cannot be separated from the proclamation and practice of justice.
  17. Evangelism is not a mechanism to force the return of Christ.
  18. Evangelism in not only verbal proclamation

 pp. 411-420.