Wholistic worship

What does worship look like from the perspective of a wholistic understanding of the Gospel? If mission is not only to do with the "spiritual" but also the physical, social and environmental, then what would worship look like?

At its most simple level, worship is declaring the worth of God and praising him for it. Now the God we worship and his actions in history go far beyond the salvation of individuals to the reconciliation of all creation (Eph 1:10).  Our worship should reflect that.

Psalm 67 is a good place to start. This Psalm has the double virtue of being both missionary and wholistic. It is written in a concentric form with verses 1-2 and 6-7 linking the blessing of God on Israel to the knowledge of God in rest of the earth. Verses 3 and 5 expresses the wish that all the peoples should praise the Lord. Verse 4 explains the reason that the nations should praise the Lord as Israel does; because He rules with justice and guides the nations.

The blessing of God on Israel was not ultimately for Israel's benefit it was for the benefit of knowledge of God among the nations. This leads to the glory of God and the possible salvation of the nations. Israel are not the only ones called upon to praise the Lord the nations are as well. This is declaring his deeds in history and on the earth. He is the God who does justice for the peoples and guides nations in righteousness and justice.