Evangelistic disciple-making

I am reading a very interesting book right now, recommended by a friend (Thanks Carol Kingston-Smith). Salvation means creation healed: the ecology of sin and Grace, overcoming the divorce between earth and heaven by Howard Snyder and Joel Scandrett. It is a theological investigation into a wholistic understanding of salvation. Salvation is not simply "souls saved" but creation restored; salvation is understood as cosmic rather than individual.

It looks at how Evangelical Christianity divorced heaven and earth and ended with a "religious" worldview rather than a spiritual one. Then they move onto a theological basis for salvation and the gospel, followed by reflections on mission and finally the church as a healed and healing community.

The Goal of disciple making is to form a community that looks and acts like Jesus, that shows forth the character of Christ and the power of the spirit in its social context. The church does this by being a reconciled and reconciling community. It does this most effectively when it visibly embodies reconciliation between rich and poor, men and women, and the people of different racial and ethnic identities. Discipline evangelism thus includes what is sometimes called lifestyle evangelism--the persuasive influence of Christians' lives as persons and community. Jesus stressed "By this by this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another (John 13:35) .

page 143.