What do I care about?

What do I really care about? Christians are supposed to care, right? But do we? If being a disciple of Jesus Christ is only about me and my relationship with God. Loving God does not mean loving my neighbour. But if love of God and love of neighbour are intimately linked then...

Being part of a loving community, gathered around Jesus Christ is a privilege, however, that privilege can never be put above the love we should have for those outside the church and especially those who are suffering.  There is a chorus in Spanish, Somos un pequeño pueblo muy feliz. We are a happy little people. It almost seems to encapsulate much of our Evangelical Christianity today. We may love one another in Church but this is where it stays.

In that nefarious little rag, the Daily Mail yesterday ran a story telling all who wanted to hear that each refugee that the UK took was going to cost us £24,000. Images of drowned children and lost Syrian refugees sleeping rough in Calais or walking along railway lines in Slovakia do not seem to melt the hard hearts of the writers of such hatred.

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means our hearts should not be melting but breaking when we see such scenes. Being an integral Christian hurts but we still should be doing something about suffering.