Buy Jesus! Buy Jesus! He's the best saviour on the market!

Following my posts on integral mission and the local church, I have had some interesting conversations. Therefore, I decided to continue blogging on this subject.

When we were in Argentina we were members of the same church as Rene Padilla. (Theological name dropping is one of the most pointless activities around!) I remember saying to Rene one Sunday morning that we should not need to qualify the term "mission" in regard to the church's mission. We talk about "integral mission" or "wholistic mission" but really unless the mission of the church is integral or wholistic it is not mission.

Mission that does not deal with the whole person as a soul-body-in community is simply selling Jesus as the best ticket to heaven you can buy! The church becomes the marketing department of God. If mission is, as I understand it to be, subject to the mission of God (the missio Dei) then it must deal with more than a set of beliefs (given that the devil know that Jesus is the saviour of the world).

Mission cannot be signing as many people up to a set of beliefs, however true those beliefs may be. This is for a great number of very good theological reasons which we will explore in the next few days.