Divided church, divided world

We live in a divided world. Any cursory look at the news on the internet will demonstrate just how divided the world is. The religious divisions, divisions within the religions (sometimes murderous divisions), East-West, North-South, Ex-Soviet, ethnic divides, political divides, divisions within political parties. The list could go on.

These divisions cost money, lives, energy and time.

The idea of reconciliation is a political one. As Christians we often think of reconciliation as religious but it is not. Spiritual it may be, religious it is not. As the Lausanne Covenant says, "reconciliation with man [sic] is not reconciliation with God" (LC5). However, reconciliation with God has consequences for politics. John tells us that "if we say we love God and don't love our brother or sister we are liars" I John 4:20).

However, there is a further issue. The problem of a divided church is not so much a domestic and internal problem for the church but is a disaster for the world. The church is the God's community which exists as an example for the world. Or more accurately should be an example for the world. There is a connection between Christian unity and reconciliation of humanity.

How can we as a church do this is the $10,000,000 question.