The evolution or revolution in Evangelical contextualisation

The term "Contextualisation" arose in the circles of the Theological Education Fund of the World Council of Churches in the early 1970s. Evangelicals were cautious as it looked like a "watering down of the Gospel".

The Willowbank Report (1978) reflected on the subject of Gospel and Culture and remains and important text today in mission circles. Willowbank reflects Evangelical cautiousness emphasizing the unchanging nature of the Gospel.

There was a little known gathering in Haslev, Denmark (1997). Tom Houston of the Lausanne Movement wrote a superb observation. The Lausanne website is in process of refurbishment right now. I have posted an interesting table showing how Evangelicals have changed their views.  Haslev 1997

I'd be interested in any comments. Are we improving our understanding, or our practice?