Reflecting on being...on being what?

On Wednesday afternoon, I attended a lecture at Cambridge University Faculty of Divinity under the auspices of The Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide. The lecture was trying to show how two influential Latin American theologians (C. René Padilla and José Míguez Bonino) broke free from the traditional Evangelical/Ecumenical definitions. The speaker showed how both of these men, although associated with one of these two camps, crossed over, both personally and organisationally, into the other.

this got me thinking about my own theological journey. I am, I emphasise, I am an Evangelical, I have been influenced by John Stott and other evangelicals. However, I find myself appreciating Ecumenical and Roman Catholic theologians such as Jose Miguez and Han Kung, reading Vatican Documents has been a surprising joy! Am I NOT an evangelical! What am I?

In 1980, a great hero of mine, José Míguez Bonino wrote

My wife—who is usually right—tells me that what I have consistently tried to do is simply to reread and explain the Bible: "Questions, issues and challenges have changed," she says, "but at bottom you remain what you have always been: a preacher bound to his text." I hope she is right this time!

Later in 1997, he wrote again, saying,

I have been variously tagged a conservative, a revolutionary, a Barthian, a liberal, a catholic, a “moderate,” and a liberationist. Probably there is truth in all of these. It is not for me to decide. However, when I do attempt to define myself in my inmost being, what “comes from within” is that I am an Evangélico

Is he, and am i, at  base a preacher? It is not for me to decide...