Some of my favourite quotes on mission

‘The church exists by mission, just as fire exists by burning’ E Brunner The Word and the World NY 1931:108

‘The pilgrim Church is missionary by her very nature’ Ad Gentes 2 Vatican II 1965 cf. Lumen Gentium (1964)1-5 esp 5

‘Mission belongs to the nature of the church’ T F Torrance ‘The Mission of the Church’ Scottish Journal of Theology 19.2 (1966):141

‘The Church cannot be understood rightly except in a perspective which is at once missionary and eschatological’ J R W Stott One People Downers Grove 1971:17

‘Mission does not come from the church; it is from mission and in the light of mission that the church is to be understood’ J Moltmann The Church in the Power of the Spirit NY 1977:10

‘The irresistible expansion of Christian faith in the Mediterranean world during the first 150 years is the scarlet thread running through any history of primitive Christianity’ M Hengel Between Jesus and Paul London 1983:48

‘Christianity was never more itself than in the launching of the world mission’ B F Meyer The Early Christians: Their World Mission and Self-Discovery Wilmington 1986:18

‘The impetus to mission sprang from the very heart of early Christian conviction... This missionary activity was not an addendum to a faith that was basically 'about' something else (e.g. a new existential awareness)... World mission is..the first and most obvious feature of early Christian praxis’ N T Wright The New Testament and the People of God London & Minneapolis 1992:360-361