Day of Memory for Truth and Justice

In 2002, the Argentine government established yesterday as the day to remember the somewhat 30,000 people who disappeared and were murdered by the military government who came to power on 24th March, 1976. Many more were arrested and tortured for no other reason that they opposed the government, or protested against it; or it could have been that your name appeared in the address book of a person the military suspected.

We must never forget those who have suffered for the freedom that we can experience now. The reason is the clarion call of the Argentine resistance to tyranny, NUNCA MAS, Never again.

I think it also means that, as Christians we must be involved in how our political system works, or doesn't as the case may be. This means we should be examining the manifestos of the parties and using our Christian minds and to vote in the way we feel most reflects our values.

Let the Argentine people be an inspiration and impulse to us in our Christian political involvement.