Don't only read Evangelical writers

I used to joke with my students that I don't buy books that I agree with! That is only partly true. I enjoy reading books that challenge my thinking and make me look at reality, the Faith, the Bible, theology and mission in a different way. This is why I say, don't only read Evangelical writers.

In 1971, my dad went to the USA to research what mission training was going on. He visited Arthur [Art] Glasser at Fuller Seminary, California. As they chatted, Art asked whether my dad knew the Overseas Ministry Study Center (OMSC) in New Haven; an ecumenical centre. My dad didn't know it. Art also asked whether he knew of the Maryknoll Fathers' study centre in New York State; a Catholic organisation. Again, my dad didn't know it. So a hastily arranged trip east was planned.

My dad was so impressed with both places that he started researching WCC and Vatican mission thinking. This began what became (and I hope continues) a widening of mission thinking and research at All Nations. We read documents from Vatican II and Papal encyclicals as well documents from the Commission on World Mission and Evangelisation (CWME) and Faith and Order (FO) alongside Lausanne Documents. I must say, although I appreciate Lausanne's work and many documents such as the Willowbank Report are useful, I always found the Catholic and Ecumenical Documents to be theologically meatier.

So, have a go!

Here is one from the CWME


See what you think.