The best way to win the war on terror

When George W. Bush declared "war on terror" on 20th September 2001, he made a fundamental error, one which the Christians in the Middle East are still suffering today. He thought that wars are won by bombs and weapons, guns and smart technology. Force is the only way to deal with such heinous crimes. Violence must be met with violence. This is what Paul Hiebert called the "indo-european myth". This is a myth that is played out in Western society constantly, from the sports field to the political arena. The side using the greatest amount of force will win.

Spiritual Warfare theologians labour under the same illusion. The idea is the forces of evil attack human beings and Christians and we use the power of God to defeat them. God and the Satan (his title not his name) are seen as forces of similar but not equal force. So Satan is pitched against God, demons are pitched against angels (a la Frank Peretti), non-believers are pitched against Christians and this constitutes the armies in the spiritual battle.

The Bible does not concur with this view. The way God defeated the forces of evil was through weakness, brokenness and death. Jesus Christ, by dying on the cross, defeated evil. The Apostles in Acts did not defeat evil through power but through suffering.

The Christians of the Middle East can teach us a lot about defeating evil; in the shape of ISIS. Watch this video below and you will see what I mean.