God should sue the Church

OK, rant time!

I spoke on the quality of the community lives of the first Christians last Sunday from Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 4:32-37. After doing the study of those passages I come to the conclusion that God should sue the church for defamation of Character. I'm not talking about my wonderful where I was preaching! It is more this sort of thing.

The church, in my opinion should live in such a way as to show the world what he is like. I was disappointed with myself that I am not willing to live a community life that reflects His character of concern for the needy and the good of all.

If the church is a true example of what God is like then I sometimes feel I don't really want to know Him. Pickiness, fault-finding, unyielding, intolerant, unkind: and those are only the good points! I emphasize again I am disappointed in myself as well as the church.

On more positive note is an interesting comment I heard on the News Quiz on Radio Four. Jeremy Hardy and other were commenting on the Pope's decision to allow a man living on the streets to be buried in the Vatican grounds and also him offering haircuts and baths to other sleeping rough. Jeremy suddenly interjects "you'd have thought he was some sort of Christian or something!" So through all my moaning and whingeing, the world still considers that Christians should at least be good and kind!

Lord, help me to live a radical life!