Love is NOT all you need

If we assume that the Christian mission is to bring God's righteous rule on the earth,  we also assume that the values of God's Kingdom are coherent with his character and as we have seen this week, God's character is defined by love.  It would follow, therefore, that love is a defining characteristic of Christian mission.

Juan Luis Segundo, the Uruguayan theologian, made "love" so central to his theology that you could say his theme was "there is not love lost in the world". The problem comes when we start to ask, which love? How do we differentiate between God's and all other love? We are able to say God is the source of love but If we say ALL love is God's love, we are in danger of deifying love.

However, can we limit God's love to only Christian actions? Does not the missio Dei go beyond the mission of the church? If so what criteria do we need to employ to discern where God is at work? Love, in itself cannot be the key to unlock God's action. Love is not all you need.