God hates four-eyes

Hang-on Maybe is was 'God hates 4 "I"s'

I was thinking about Stephen Fry's remarks about God and you may have read my blog-post on in last week. I think his anger, which was so evident in the interview, was less directed at God--who he doesn't believe in anyway--and more directed at illness, injustice and intolerance. If I am right, then we need to join Stephen's anger and to be equally angry at these things. But I find that many Christians are not angry at them at all. I find that I also don't trouble myself about them at times.

I think it was John Stott who said there were four things, all beginning with "I" that God hates. Idolatry, immorality, injustice and individualism. He hates Idolatry because false gods require human sacrifice and as long as you give them offerings you can live as you like. He hates immorality because it hurts the weak and distorts truth. He hates injustice because it institutionalizes evil and imprisons all humanity. He hates individualism because it places "self" at the centre and not the other.

I would want to add a fifth "I" to that. God hates indifference. He hates indifference because it allows the other three to continue unchecked. Edmund Burke said that the only thing needed for evil to thrive is for good men [sic] to do nothing. We could probably paraphrase that to say, one thing that let's evil flourish is for Christians to be indifferent.

God save us, save me, from indifference to evil.