Jesus, "It's not all about me!"

There is a song that I simply can't sing. Well, actually there are loads of songs we sing in church that I can't and wont sing. There is one that has the lines, "and it's all about you, all about you Jesus". Apart from finishing the line in such an unsingable way, I think Jesus would not agree. He would be pointing to the Father, "no it's all about Him".

I am not saying that the Father is more important than the Son or the Spirit. I do not believe in a hierarchy in the Trinity. But my point is that the way Jesus Christ acted and spoke, he did not try and gain glory for himself, point towards the kingdom, towards his Father, towards the vulnerable, the weak, the sick.

Jesus lived to give himself to the other. His immense love that He had was in order to liberate the other from what oppressed them. Consider the "Rich Young Man" in Mark 10. Before Jesus told the man to sell all he had and give the money to the poor and follow him, Mark tells us "Jesus looked at him and loved him". Jesus wanted to release the man from his slavery to money.

The gospel of John is full of references showing the relationship between the Father and the Son. Jesus finds his identity as the Son in service of the Father. Service of the other is where we also find ourselves. Following Jesus and glorifying Him is not a religious act; it is deeply spiritual and practical. Serving the other is to serve Him.