The Old Man - Ron Davies

I am finishing this week with the theologian who has had the most profound affect on my life: my dad. I hope this doesn't sound tacky but he really has; certainly he has had the longest influence on my life and theology.

Ron Davies has an amazingly wide set of interests. He was very influenced by Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones and attended the Friday night Romans sermons for the time he was a LBC (now LST). New Testament studies and Greek, Biblical Theology, Historical Theology (later on writing his PhD dissertation on the Missiology of Jonathan Edwards), Eastern European Church and Mission as well as the history and theology of Revivals. He is a leading authority on the little known science of Isaac Hollis studies! Yes, a wide set of interests. I have picked up on some of these things, if not all!

My father taught me a great deal about the Christian faith, he baptised me (apparently I sniffed throughout the baptismal classes!) and was an example of faithful service. He was also a tutor when I was at All Nations. He taught me on the gospel of Luke; the doctrine of God; Paul's letter to the Ephesians; Christological passages in New Testament Theology and Eschatology.

So these are five of my theologians from a Latin American Liberation theologian to my dad!