Being and making disciples - some myths 1

In the mission world, Matthew 28:18-20 has become the "go-to" passage to promote missions. William Carey used it in his snappily titled, An Enquiry into the Obligations of Christians to use Means for the Conversion of the Heathens.

I do think that there is a lot of misunderstanding about discipleship. Over the next few days I would like to explore and dispel some of these myths.

Myth 1

Discipleship, for a lot of Christians is a course that a new Christian does for a few weeks after conversion. It is perhaps a good idea for new believers to have an intensive time of learning and growing at the beginning of their spiritual journey but discipleship does not stop there. Matthew 28 seems to suggest it is more of a life-long journey. We continue to be disciples our whole life. As we encounter each new situation we learn what it is to "obey everything He commanded us". So even people who consider themselves "disciplers" are also still on that discipleship road.

Tomorrow: evangelism and discipleship