Who is the one who is to be born king of the Jews

Just when you thought Christmas was over...well it's not! Not for the millions of Eastern Orthodox Christians across the world. The 6th January, for them, is Christmas. Last year we had 25th December in Ethiopia, which was a normal working day and Orthodox Christmas in the UK, which was also a normal working day. So, we celebrated both

The word Epiphany means "unveiling" or "revealing". So it makes sense when we realize that the 6th is also the celebration in Eastern Christianity of the Baptism of Jesus where he is revealed as the Son of God. In Western Christianity we celebrate the coming of the Magi where Jesus is revealed as, not only "king of the Jews" but also the Lord of the Gentiles as well.

The wise men come to worship him and Matthew gives us an early hint that this very Jewish Messiah is the one who will command his followers to "make disciples of all the nations". The 6th of January is an intensely missionary day. Christ is Christ for all. Jesus is not the "God of the Christians"; Jesus is the Lord of the Nations.

So today, do feel free to have your very own epiphany and worship the king of both Jews and Nations.