Cosmic Liminality- Neither here nor there

Continuing our theme of liminality (being between two big events like Christmas and New Year) naturally made me think of how we live between the first and second coming of Christ: a Cosmic Liminality

In His earthly life, death and resurrection, Jesus inaugurated the kingdom of God. It was brought near in his presence. In the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Church at Pentecost, the powers of the age to come became available to the Church. As Rene Padilla puts it, the future has invaded the present. He goes on to say that the Church therefore lives "between the times". Now longer fully here but not having yet attained the future. Theologians refer to this as living between the "already" and "not yet". A liminal period. A period where there is uncertainty, ambiguity and excitement. It is also a time, or should be in the church, where normal social relationships become questioned. We don't act towards each other in the way the world would.

Love is the marker of this new age. So in this micro liminal period between Christmas and New Year let's recognize the much greater cosmic liminal period that we live and in which we carry out our mission in the world.